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Life is a little complicated for Samir Peter. Once the most famous pianist in Iraq, he now plays to half empty lounges and sleeps in a hotel basement, afraid to cross Baghdad to his seven-bedroomed mansion. Samir is happy to introduce director Sean McAllister to his world, but as the months progress and violence escalates, he grows increasingly nervous about the filming. Samir has a visa to move but he's having trouble convincing his children to go with him, and he himself has mixed feelings about the States.

It seems that nowhere is safe when Samir's son discovers the body of their next door neighbour who has been shot three times in the chest. And as conditions deteriorate, the pianist and the film maker must try to survive the 'peace' of post-war Iraq.

After the film Director Sean McAllister joined us for a Q&A.


To celebrate the run up to the landmark opening of the Bertha DocHouse screen we collaborated with Open City Docs to bring audiences a taster of what was to come. Together we chose ten of the best documentaries from the DocHouse archives, and brought them back to the big screen, complete with Q&As from some of the most ground-breaking filmmakers in documentary.