THE ACT OF KILLING: Q&A with Joshua Oppenheimer | DocHouse



Disturbing, surreal and entirely engrossing, The Act of Killing has been making waves as much for its daring originality as for its chilling content. Joshua Oppenheimer dedicated a decade of his life to creating this beautiful, terrible vision, finding that in a society where glorified mass-murderers live amongst the families of their victims, he had to find a new kind of filmmaking to get to the heart of his subject matter.

By working with the perpetrators of the 1960s Indonesian genocide to re-enact their crimes in the glamorous, hyper-real style of Hollywood movies, Oppenheimer broke all the rules of documentary filmmaking, creating a genre-bending hybrid that is piercing on both a factual and emotional level.

Presented by Between the Lines in association with Picturehouse Docs, The Bertha Foundation and Tapol.

Between the Lines was a three-day festival organised by DocHouse and the Frontline Club in March 2013. In a series of follow up events we continued to explore the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape.



"Truly one of the most intensely unsettling, frightening, riveting films I've seen, maybe ever." – Indiewire

"A powerful piece of creative political documentary filmmaking." – Screen International