Saturday 16th November, 2013

PLEASE NOTE: we apologise for the quality of sound during this discussion.

The Ritzy Cinema | 16th November 2013.

Despite meltdowns and mountains of radioactive waste, could nuclear really save the planet? In a remarkable about-turn, climate change warriors and environmentalists are becoming pro-nuclear. They believe that with the surge in demand from the developing world, nuclear energy is our planet's 'cleanest' option, but with Fukushima still spewing radiated waste, the arguments against it remain potent.

At the Ritzy Cinema, we explored five docs that examine the pros and cons of nuclear energy. At the end of the day we were joined by the directors of the films for a panel discussion on the past, present and future of nuclear: Robert Stone (dir. Pandora's Promise), Esther Hoffenberg (dir. Welcome to Nuclear Land), Frankie Fenton (dir. The Good Reactor) and Paul Johannessen (dir. Women of Fukushima).