Joan Churchill: Camera Masterclass

Saturday 24th November, 2012

One of the most influential and well-known documentary cinematographers, Joan Churchill played an important role in shaping verité filmmaking, and is famous for a subjective camera style that establishes a unique intimacy with those she films. Churchill has shot over 200 non-fiction films and in 2005 won the IDA award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography. Joan's long-term collaboration with Nick Broomfield began with Juvenile Liaison (1976) and over the following three decades they have worked together on such seminal documentaries as Soldier Girls - which she co-directed, BAFTA-winning Biggie & Tupac (2002), Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003), and most recently Sarah Palin: You Betcha! (2011) - with her both filming and co-directing the latter two titles. Other directors Joan has worked with include the Maysles brothers (Gimme Shelter, 1970), Peter Watkins (Punishment Park, 1971) and Barbara Kopple (Bearing Witness, 2005).

Joan's masterclass was part of a day of three in-depth masterclasses with leading documentary cinematographers, discussing their work, experience, approach and processes.

Our other guests speakers were Molly Dineen (click here to view) and Roger Chapman (click here to view).



Get insight and inspiration from the UK's eminent documentary practitioners as they discuss their work, style and practice.

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