WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL?: Director Q&A | DocHouse

A man's body is found in the blistering heat of the Arizona desert with the words Dayani Cristal tattooed across his chest. With no identification the tattoo is the only clue to his identity. This area of Arizona, known as the 'Corridor of Death' is now the deadliest crossing point from Mexico into the US. Director Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal, embedded with migrants, attempt to retrace the man's steps, travelling across Central America they learn the perils that confront so many seeking a better life.

Who is Dayani Cristal? is the story of one man's attempt at a better life and how one life becomes testimony to the tragic results of the US war on immigration.


Marc Silver joined us at the Rich Mix cinema in July 2014 to discuss the documentary he made with Gael Garcia Bernal using one man's story to reveal the tragic results of the US war on immigration.