VIRUNGA: Director and Producer Q&A | DocHouse

Deep in the rainforests of eastern Congo lies Virunga, Africa's oldest national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last remaining home of the mountain gorilla. With a brutal civil war creeping ever closer the park is under threat like never before. A team of Congolese rangers, led by a Belgian conservationist, are the only barrier against the armed militia groups and foreign corporate interests seeking control of the parks rich natural resources. Virunga tells the riveting story of the effort to protect the national park's borders and the extraordinary creatures living within it.

Director Orlando von Einsiedel's first feature sheds light on a part of Africa the world has forgotten, it is a galvanising call to action focused on a political and environmental topic that continues to grip the Congo.

Orlando von Einsiedel has been praised by critics for his fearless filmmaking and strong sense of the people and places he covers, Orlando's eye for striking shots, combined with his compelling global investigations into social issues, have ensured that he is unequivocally an original and talented filmmaker on the rise.


Following a sneak preview of the documentary, Director Orlando Von Einsiedel and Producer Joanna Natasegara joined us for a Q&A at Riverside Studios in July 2014.