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What's On In September

Tuesday 6 September, 2022

man on motorbike in forest

We started off the month with a very special panel Q&A to kick off our run of The Territory, an amazing film about the Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe, who arm themselves with video cameras to protect their territory in the Brazilian rainforest from land-grabbers. We were thrilled to welcome the tribe's leader, Bitate, and activist Neidinha Bandeira (both of whom feature in the doc), along with the film's director Alex Pritz and Human Rights Activist Txai Surui. After the launch event, The Territory plays daily at Bertha DocHouse.


From Friday 9th, we're showing a vital and distinctive film shot entirely on a single day in Kyiv, by a collective of Ukrainian filmmakers. One Day in Ukraine is a powerful missive from the capital, capturing a city in defence mode, filmed just a few short months ago in March 2022. 


small girl holding camera

Open City Documentary Festival is always a highlight at this time of year, and we're working with them once again to host a fascinating selection of international documentaries, each followed by a filmmaker Q&A, from 8th to 12th September. We're particularly looking forward to showing Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47Km, the latest instalment in Zhang Mengqi's series of films from her home village in China's Hubei Province - the village is named 47Km after its distance from the nearest city. You can check out the full list of films we'll be playing here


From Saturday 10th, prepare to contemplate humanity's place in the universe with Who We Were, a stunning encounter with six of the world's most important contemporary thinkers and scientists, which takes us from the depths of the ocean and even up into orbit to reflect on the present and postulate about the future. It's a fascinating, perspective-shifting, cinematic experience.


Dry Ground Burning is a gripping exploration of contemporary Brazil, following the fictionalised story of an all-female gang stealing and re-selling oil in their favela on the edge of Brasilia, with stunning performances from non-professional lead actors, whose real lives will ultimately over-take the developing story. Screening at Bertha DocHouse on Sunday 11th and Thursday 15th.  


girl laughing in field

Fresh from its UK premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Children of the Mist opens on Friday 16thonly at Bertha DocHouse. Vietnamese director Diễm Hà Lệ captures the life a young girl caught between the traditions of her village, that will see her married at 14, and the modern freedoms she dares to dream of. The relationship between the filmmaker and her teen subject is palpable, making for exceptionally intimate (and frequently challenging) viewing. 


Also playing daily from Friday 16th, Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song is the definitive exploration of the singer-songwriter and poet's creative life and career, but also delves into the journey of his much-covered and now bonafide iconic song, Hallelujah. Next up, a film about what it takes to pursue a big dream, as 14-year old Scottish surfer Ben Larg sets his sights on riding the UK's biggest waves. Director Martyn Robertson joins us for a Q&A screening of Ride the Wave on Tuesday 20th


A decades-long chronicle of life in Afghanistan, My Childhood, My Country follows a young boy called Mir over twenty years, as he grows from boyhood to manhood and fatherhood, against the turbulent backdrop of his country. It plays with a pre-recorded Q&A on Wednesday 21st, recognising one year since the Taliban's takeover of the country. 


Fans of David Bowie prepare to be delighted and mesmerised by Brett Morgen's (Cobain: Montage of Heck) trippy 'cinematic odyssey' through the creativity of the Starman, Bowie. Moonage Daydream plays daily from Friday 23rd. The following week, take a deep dive into the life of an altogether different musical genius, one of the most important and deeply divisive 20th Century composers, Karlhieinz Stockhausen. Oeke Hoogendijk's fascinating and entertaining film, Licht - Stockhausen's Legacy plays on Thursday 29th, followed by a Zoom Q&A with the director, in partnership with the London Sinfonietta.


We round off the month with two very different films playing from Friday 30th: Midwives is a character study of two women who cross ethnic divides to work together treating Rohingya women in a makeshift clinic in Western Myanmar. And, finally, Sidney is a tribute to the late, great Oscar-winning actor, Sidney Poitier (tickets on sale soon).