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What did Danny Say?

Monday 30 January, 2017

Danny Says tells the story of Danny Fields, the man who since 1966 has been "at the pulse of the underground in New York City". The film is now showing at the Bertha DocHouse and creatively interweaves interviews with archive footage and animation to bring his epic story to life. Book your tickets: HERE.

Here are some of the artists featured in Danny Says and a glimpse at what Danny candidly says about them...

Andy Warhol

"Once you were in those silver aluminium rooms...it was like going through the looking glass. It was action central." 


"The door opened and Nico came in dressed in tattered Levis and a tattered Levi jacket... and the room of beautiful people just turned...a showstopper."

Edie Sedgwick

"We saw her screen test and it was just a revelation...Andy had seen what she had: she was bigger than life. That's what a star is."

The Velvet Underground 

"They were terrific and very strange and wonderful and they immediately became my favourite band....Everybody in New York was in love with Lou Reed." 

The Doors

"I went backstage and I was horrified. Jim was like a statue, just sitting there and there were all these groupies everywhere with that dopey glaze. I was concerned it was bad for his image".  

Leonard cohen & judy collins

"I decided to take acid... I didn't realise I would end up in the hotel room of two superhuman projective artists and I'm on the floor exploring E=MC²÷H ! 

The Stooges

"I heard the music coming from down the hall and I was transfixed. I'd been listening to music my whole life and this was a new take on the word music". 

The Ramones 

"I introduced myself to them and I just said right away '"I want to be your manager'. '"We need a few thousand dollars for a drum kit and if you come up with that you can be our manager"... So I flew down to Florida to visit my mother...she wrote me a cheque and I was their manager."