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Our picks of 2016

Friday 9 December, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, the DocHouse team pick their stand out films from the year gone by. 


It’s been a bumper year at Bertha DocHouse - so many great docs, many that have done well at the box office with cinema distribution to large audiences. But I’ve selected a few of my personal favourites, including a couple we call 'DocHouse Firsts' - that I’ve spotted at Festivals. These creative docs offer a deeper understanding of our world and deserve to be enjoyed by everyone on a big screen but did not find a distributor, so we have  given them a run.

Patience Patience: You'll go to Paradise (Dir. Hadja Lahbib)

Heart of a Dog (Dir. Laurie Anderson)

A Flickering Truth (Dir. Pietra Brettkelly)

Ambulance (Dir. Mohamed Jabaly)

Starless Dreams (Dir. Mehrdad Oskouei)

Les Sauteurs (Those Who Jump) (Dir. Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibé)  - Coming to the DocHouse in Jan 2017                                          


It’s been another great year for documentaries and a year with a lot of time spent in the cinema, at festivals and at home with my laptop trying to take in as much as possible. My picks of 2016 are a very small selection of the incredible films that I’ve been able to see this year but I encourage you to seek them out! My choices all use the documentary form to enhance their storytelling, each in touching, challenging or entertaining ways. In the interest of variety, I’ve not included any films that were included by other team members. 

Flotel Europa (Dir. Vladimir Tomic)

Fraud (Dir. Dean Fleischer-Camp

We Are X (Dir. Stephen Kijak)

Safari (Dir. Ulrich Seidl)

Europe, She Loves (Dir. Jan Gassmann)


There have been some incredible docs released this year and the DocHouse programme has been full of fascinating films both big and small. Each of my choices moved, challenged and surprised me in unexpected ways and left me excited about the future of documentary. I hope you can seek them out if you haven’t already!

Under the Sun (Dir. Vitaly Mansky)

Cameraperson (Dir. Kirsten Johnson) Coming to the DocHouse in Jan 2017 

Fire at Sea (Dir. Gianfranco Rosi)

One More Time With Feeling (Dir. Andrew Dominik)

The Other Side (Dir. Roberto Minervini)


This year had so many highlights for me, so it was difficult to select only a few favourites. I decided to focus on quite a diverse handful of films to show a range of my tastes in form and content. From the riotous Weiner, the controversial-in-form Kate Plays Christine, to the intimate political and personal stories of Rodnye and Starless Dreams, my top docs of 2016 tick all the boxes.

Rodnye (Close Relations) (Dir Vitaly Mansky)  - Coming to the DocHouse in Jan 2017  

Weiner (Dir: Elyse Steinberg & Josh Kriegman)

Starless Dreams (Dir: Mehrdad Oskouei)

Kate Plays Christine (Dir: Robert Greene)


Picking the best of 2016 has been no easy task but I’ve narrowed it down to three stand out films. Each gave me completely new perspective on something I thought I knew a lot about: the OJ Simpson trial, the conflict in Syria and teenage girlhood.  At Doc/Fest this year I also had the chance to see D.A Pennebaker’s 1968 film Monterey Pop for the first time which beautifully captures the spirit of the legendary festival. It was such a highlight of my year that I had to give it a special mention.

All This Panic (Dir. Jenny Gage)  - Coming to the DocHouse in 2017

O.J.: Made in America (Dir. Ezra Edelman)

The War Show (Dir. Andreas Dalsgaard & Obaidah Zytoon)

Monterey Pop (Dir. D. A. Pennebaker)


2017: we're ready for you!