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The Lure Will Give You Gold Fever

Monday 4 September, 2017

Forrest Fenn’s cryptic poem The Thrill of the Chase was the beginning of a journey taken by many hunters for his $3 million treasure chest hidden in the vast setting of the Rocky Mountains. The Lure follows voyagers trekking the rugged and breathtaking land that covers five states to unravel the veteran art dealer’s words. A refined storyteller himself, Fenn wishes for his seekers to “get off the straight line of life” and connect with space and time.

Director Tomas Leach brings the seven year search for Fenn’s treasure to our screens in a scenic story filled with mystique, adventure and ambition. Ahead of DocHouse’s release on Saturday 9th September, we look at the character of Forrest Fenn and the themes explored throughout The Lure, that steer us to one of the most compelling documentaries of the year.

Name: Forrest Fenn

Age: 87


Forrest Fenn began his career in the United States Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force, Fenn opened an art gallery with his wife Peggy in Sante Fe, Mexico; the gallery homed artefacts, fine art and local treasures. In 1987 Fenn was diagnosed with cancer, and it was then that he had the idea to hide a monetary treasure chest in the hope of carrying forward his legacy after his death. Fenn battled his illness and lives to watch those seeking their fortune.  



Freedom:  The openness of the Rocky Mountains lends itself to Fenn’s storytelling concept of seeking and utilising the land. “New Mexico opens your soul”, so much so that one hunter relocated from Maui to New Mexico to continue her ongoing search. Fenn has brought freedom to many by gifting them with an opportunity of exploring his chosen landscape. “The land is like tapestry”, a natural backdrop to follow the clues of ‘The Thrill of the Chase’. 

Imagination: Fenn considers “imagination more important than knowledge”, and this belief is prevalent throughout The Lure. His decision to hide a treasure chest is a testament to his imagination. 

Storytelling: The story of The Lure is at first money centric, but if you look beyond the monetary prize, you’ll find Fenn creating a worldwide story that draws visitors, hunters and viewers to match the pieces of his life to discover an end destination. Fenn has a natural ability to tell stories, and embraces email contact with many who contact him in a bid to discover clues; his communication is encouraging, yet Fenn never allows his puppeteer stance to slip. 


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Words by: Danielle Wood.