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Love Hotel is on BBC iPlayer now!

Tuesday 24 February, 2015

If you missed our screening of LOVE HOTEL last year, you can see it now on BBC iPlayer with thanks to Storyville.

Watch it here

"A fascinating reflection from a hidden Japan, between Eros and Love, with extraordinary characters and stories... nights in Love Hotel are like dreams..." - Darkside Cinema

"The explicitly sexual, wholly emotional and tantalising Love Hotel..." - Indiewire USA

There are 37,000 Love Hotels in Japan visited by 2.8million people every day. An ancient Japanese tradition, the hotels exist for people to escape the conservative strictures of their daily lives, to explore their fantasies and desires or just find some privacy. With unprecedented access to the Angelo in Osaka, the directors follow everyday people from the intimacy of the hotel's rooms to their outside realities.

Directed by Phil Cox & Hikaru Toda