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The Look of Silence Knocks Off Everyone's Socks!

Friday 12 June, 2015

Last night we opened Joshua Oppenheimer's latest film The Look of Silence at Bertha DocHouse with an extraordinary London Premiere. After the screening we asked the audiece to let us know what they thought about the film. Here is what they said:


"I thought it was insightful, fascinating and emotional. Amazing."

"Deeply moving."


"Very well done. Powerful reflection of the events from an individual's perspective."

"Emotionally very touching."

"INCREDIBLE" (in VERY big letters!) 

"Incredible - A unique and moving experience."

"Absolutely incredible insight into a deeply disturbing period of Indonesian history. Told in a deeply moving way. Very, very powerful."


"The most important film I've watched all year - Josh and Adi were inspirational. Certainly we have discovered one of the great documentary makers of our time.”

"I'm lost for words... It was very intense. Fantastic movie. Unforgettable experience.”

"Powerful and engaging from start to finish. Felt honoured to meet Adi and hear him share his experiences."

"Important, moving, reflective. Quality filmmaking, glad I attended."

"Shattering, and combined with Adi and Joshua's talk afterwards I'm at a loss to think of a more profound documentary viewing experience, even hypothetically. Don't know how you could top this - don't try. Maybe aim for 50%."

"Indescribable. Very moving."

"Extraordinary, very powerful and emotional. Incredible to see how emotions of both sides were captured and dealt with. Very stirring."


From today, The Look of Silence is showing ALL DAY, EVERYDAY in the Bertha DocHouse Screen at Curzon Bloomsbury!

Find out more about the film, Joshua's incredible work and book tickets HERE.