DocHouse supports Mental Health Awareness Month with a series of short docs! | DocHouse

DocHouse supports Mental Health Awareness Month with a series of short docs!

Wednesday 6 May, 2015

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month we will be showing a selection of short documentaries that explore a wide variety of mental health issues. They will screen over the course of four Friday evenings as highlighted below:


Friday 8th May - 8:40pm - Before Heaven Adores you  


Beth Sabey / 2015 / UK / 6.23’

A film exploring the relationship between creativity, mental illness and the power of art as an alternative therapeutic tool.

*With thanks to Docheads for supplying this film*


Friday 15th May - 6:15pm - Before The Man Who Saved the World 


Michelle Coomber / 2010 / USA - UK / 10’

A woman gets lost every day of her life, in the Denver streets she’s lived in for 20 years, even in her own home. When she wakes each morning, her walls seem to have moved overnight. Her world becomes different in the blink of an eye.


Friday 22nd May - 6:20(ish)pm - Before A Fuller Life


Banker White & Anna Fitch / 2014 / USA / 8.23’

In this short documentary, the filmmaker Banker White explores how Alzheimer’s disease has revealed the strength of his parents’ marriage.


Friday 29th May - 6:20(ish)pm - Before The True Cost  


David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg / 2014 / USA / 7.31’

Lithium is a short documentary about the office of Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, the man who first introduced Lithium in the U.S. as a treatment for Bipolar. We explore the personal life of three New Yorkers and their relationship to the mental illness, as well as their experience using the drug.