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About the Renoir Cinema

Friday 18 October, 2019

Treasured by London’s film buffs and cinemagoers, The Renoir Cinema was a celebrated landmark in British cinema history. Situated in the Brunswick centre, almost hidden away in the centre’s iconic 1960/70s architecture, the cinema we now know of as Curzon Bloomsbury was first opened with two screens as The Bloomsbury Cinema in 1972; and one of the first films it ever showed was The Trojan Women, starring Kathrine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave.


During some of its more rocky years, the cinema passed between various owners, before finally re-naming itself as the Renoir Cinema in 1986. Under this hallowed new moniker, it forged a reputation for specialising in French cinema showing a large variety of independent and international releases.


While the cinema had to struggle for wider public acceptance, due to its bulky concrete kiosk building, it soon became a resident’s favourite. Like the actresses and actors that acted out on its silver screens, the place itself had a certain personality: moody, atmospheric, sophisticated, and later-on nostalgic.


In March 2015, Curzon acquired the cinema, which was once run by the Artificial Eye Group, and renovated it. Respecting its history, the architects aimed to capture and focus on the cinema’s iconic features, whilst also reconstructing the feeling of being in a public living room.


For some, this change of name and identity was a ‘rebranding too far,’ as The Guardian remarked back in 2008. But as an attempt at recognising the legacy of the Renoir, the new cinema’s biggest auditorium was baptised the “Renoir Screen” to honour its legendary past.


This screen has 148 seats, including 2 wheelchair spaces and 9 balcony seats. It is designed to take the idea of the “black box” further, asking the audience to submerge themselves into experiencing a film in an uncluttered space.


For their biggest events, the Bertha DocHouse team happily calls this screen our second home.


Info about Curzon Bloomsbury (Renoir Cinema)

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10.30am - 9.30pm Every day



The Brunswick Centre,



Nearest tube: Russell Square


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