DocHouse Firsts

Bringing docs to the big screen that wouldn’t otherwise be shown in London

The Falklands War was a particularly brutal conflict. Uniting British and Argentinian veterans in an experimental set of staged sequences, director Lola Arias reawakens memories and unsettled hostilities.

The dark side of globalisation is revealed through the story of the Glock pistol: the Austrian designed weapon-of-choice, fetishised in films and the arts and a regular top seller in the international arms market.


Dir: Stefanie Brockhaus & Andy Wolff

Speaking out against oppression, extremism and her patriarchal society, Saudi poetess Hissa Hilal storms her way through the rounds of the Arab world’s biggest televised poetry competition in this inspiring film.


Dir: Peter Bratt

Dolores Huerta is an indomitable civil rights activist largely forgotten by history. Director Peter Bratt sets the record straight with this intimate and energising documentary on her life and achievements.

Documenting the incredible work of Partners in Health, Bending the Arc tells the story of a small group of doctors dedicated to their mission to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone, even in the world’s poorest countries.