Dir: Sean McAllister
United Kingdom / 1997 / 65mins

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Date: Tue 13 July, 2010
Time: 19:00
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Sean McAllister's bleak but extraordinarily intimate portrait of life with an unemployed couple in his hometown Hull.

Kevin is 18 years unemployed. "In an ideal world what would you like to do?" asks the man at the employment centre charged with the thankless task of getting Kevin back to work. "I would like to be left alone to draw," comes the surly reply. In fact Kevin is a very talented artist, but views the notion of putting his gift into the service of others as giving in to the "system" he despises. His girlfriend Robbie is not so sure, she earns £70 a week and would like extra cash.

"There are scenes of drunkenness, drug-taking and unpleasant arguments, but at the core of the bitterness and anger that fuels their existence is quite a touching love story." - Daily Telegraph

"Compelling... achieves an intimacy few documentarists dare." - Time Out