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The White Treasure and the Salt Workers from Caquena

Dir: Katharina Bühler
Germany / Switzerland / Bolivia / 2011 / 52mins

Just beside an endless white desert up in the Bolivian Andes, Daniel Lopez and his family lead traditional salt workers' lives. Since it has become known that Salar de Uyuni holds the world's biggest amount of lithium - the future's resource - their little village finds itself in a place where global interest reaches in.

The White Treasure offers a careful portrait of two generations from a culture on the dawn of globalisation. Fourteen year old Daniel and his friends spend their days with their fathers mining salt out in the lake, while, with increasing frequency, discovering first signs of future changes.

Capturing beautiful, other worldly landscapes and the voices of a little-known community, this documentary tells a story of the silence before the storm.

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Date: Thu 28 March, 2013
Time: 19:30
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