Dir: Anand Patwardhan
India / 2002 / 130mins


Date: Sun 23 February, 2003
Time: 19:00
Price: -
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Filmed over fourtumultuous years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the USA following nuclear tests in the Indian sub-continent War and Peace is a documentary journey of peace activism in the face of global militarism and war.

The film moves on to examine the costs being extracted from citizens in the name of national security. From the plight of residents living near the nuclear test site to the horrendous effects of uranium mining on local indigenous populations, it becomes abundantly clear that, contrary to a myth first created by the U.S.A, there is no such thing as the "peaceful Atom".

"War and Peace has a riveting intelligence all its own and earns its epic title." - The New York Times

International Critics' Award (FIPRESCI) - Sydney Film Festival, 2002

International Jury Prize - Mumbai International Film Festival, 2002

Gold Award - Indian Documentary Producers' Association, 2002

Best Documentary - International Video Festival, Kerala, 2003