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THIEVES BY LAW + Panel Discussion

Special Preview
Dir: Alexander Gentelev
Israel / Germany / Spain / 2010 / 91mins

By turns hilarious and horrific, this extraordinary film offers a shockingly frank account of Russian gangsterism as told by the high-living criminal elite themselves. As a trio of criminal bosses are interviewed in opulent Mediterranean villas, expensive restaurants and luxury hotels, together they paint a picture of the modern Russian mafia as legitimized, rather than organised crime.

Federico Varese Professor of Criminology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford, and author of 'The Russian Mafia' and 'Mafias on the Move'. Federico has won praise from John le Carré as "a fearless fact-hunter who goes after his quarry with the zeal of a thoroughbred journalist..."

Luke Harding Award-winning journalist at the Guardian, and its Moscow correspondent before being expelled by the Kremlin. Luke's recently published book 'Mafia State' is a startling first-hand account of life in Putin's Russia.


Date: Thu 24 November, 2011
Time: 19:00
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"Simultaneously hilarious and horrific, Alexander Gentelev's extraordinary doc 'Thieves By Law' offers a clear, concise and shockingly candid account of Russian gangsterism as told by the shamelessly high-living, self-contented crooks themselves." - Variety