Dir: Jeffrey Blitz
United States / 2003 / 97mins


Date: Thu 9 October, 2003
Time: 18:00
Price: -
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Spellbound follows the lives of eight American kids who all share one goal: to win the US National Spelling Bee. But who would have thought that a spelling competition could be so suspenseful? Prepare to be blown away.  As the kids progress through the rounds towards the finals, there are unexpected joys and heatbreaking defeats. The competition is fierce and their training programmes would impress any Olympic athlete – much to the surprise of their bemused but supportive families.

In turns brilliantly funny and nail-bitingly tense, Spellbound is as entertaining and heart-warming now as it was in 2003 – the year it was nominated for an Oscar. This is captivating viewing for kids, teens and grown-ups alike.

"Inspiring, enthralling and spectacularly entertaining, Spellbound is a poignant, funny, award-winning documentary" - Urban Cinefile

Nominated: Documentary Feature - Academy Awards