Dir: Jamie Jay Johnson
United Kingdom / 2008 / 89mins

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Date: Wed 6 May, 2009
Time: 19:00
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50 years after Europe warred on the battlefield its competitive spirit is now satisfied with singing contests. Funny and moving in equal measure Sounds Like Teen Spirit tells the story of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest where pint sized talents from Sweden to Ukraine sing their 10-15 year old hearts out.

Focusing on lovable underdogs from Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Cyprus the film affectionately portrays the innocence, confusion and exhilaration of the childhood to adolescence transition, and above all recalls how exciting it feels to be 10 years old again.

"Has a freshness and humour about it that can't help but win you over" - Sight And Sound.

"A burst of cynicism-free euro pop" - Johnathan Ross

"Exquisitely poignant, hilarious and truly uplifting... A genuine reminder of the power of music, and cinema, to change your life" - Little White Lies