UP IN SMOKE + Producer & Director Q&A

Preview Screening
Dir: Adam Wakeling
United Kingdom / 2011 / 70mins


Date: Thu 15 September, 2011
Time: 18:00
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Slash and burn farming is an environmental catastrophe on the rise. Around 250million domestic tropical farmers use the technique that gives a year's fertile soil, which then washes away with the next year's rains, perpetually forcing growers into fresh rainforest. Deforestation accounts for more carbon emissions than all international transport, and slash-and-burn accounts for around half of that. But there is an answer. Cornish scientist Mike Hands has been working with a sustainable solution in Honduras for the past 20 years. We follow his struggle to break the devastating cycle and challenge international agricultural agencies.

Followed by a Q&A with director Adam Wakeling and editor/producer Claire Ferguson, plus a free drinks reception hosted by Oxfam and the Co-op.

Special Mention Green Jury Sheff DocFest 2011