Dir: Michael Moore
United States / 1989 / 91mins


Date: Sun 3 November, 2002
Time: 19:00
Price: -
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Best Film - Toronto Film Festival 1989
Audience Award - Berlin Film Festival
Best Film - Vancouver Film Festival 1989
Best Documentary - National Society of Film Critics 1989

Roger and Me is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the efforts of the world's largest corporation, General Motors, as it turns its hometown of Flint, Michigan, into a ghost town. In his quest to discover why GM would want to do such a thing, filmmaker Michael Moore, a Flint native, attempts to meet the chairman, Roger Smith, and invite him out for a few beers up in Flint to "talk things over". In between his efforts to see Smith, Moore, the son of a Flint autoworker, takes us on a bizarre journey through Flint accompanied along the way by Ronald Reagan, Miss America, Pat Boone, Bob "Newlywed Game" Eubanks, and TV evangelist Robert Schuller--all of whom show up to save Flint from destruction.