Dir: Jouko Aaltonen
Finland / 2006 / 80mins

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Date: Tue 12 December, 2006
Time: 19:00
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The idealism and optimism of young people in Finland in the 1960s and '70s created a youth culture where a better world seemed just around the corner and socialism seemed like a real alternative. Songs played a central role in this revolution, and hundreds of radical singing groups sprung up. The songs told stories of battles and solidarity, of Chile and Vietnam. Forty years on the middle-aged former revolutionaries reform their groups and return to their combat songs. Brimming with music, archive footage and contemporary interviews, Revolution captures the spirit of an age, and asks the poignant question, what happens to the idealism of youth?

Introduced by Kirsi Tykkyläinen of the Finnish Film Foundation and featuring a performance from Kiti Neuvonen (Revolution).