Part of Resistencia: Focus on Latin America
Dir: Margarita Martinez & Miguel Salazar
Colombia / 2010 / 73mins

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Date: Sat 22 September, 2012
Time: 20:15
Price: Day Pass £22 (£18 conc)
There are currently no screenings of this film.

The Nasa people of southern Colombia are fighting to reclaim their ancestral land. Charismatic leader Lucho Acosta believes in non-violent civil resistance, but as clashes with police intensify and the government reneges on its promises, Acosta's beliefs are tested to their core.

Joining us for a dicussion after Stolen Land, will be...

Grace Livingstone - author of Inside Colombia: Drugs Democracy and War and a journalist specialising inLatin American affairs.
Javier Farje - Peruvian journalist, editor of Latin American Bureau & presenter at Hispan TV.
Andy Higginbottom - Secretary of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Lecturer in International Politics and Human Rights.
Geoffrey Kantaris - Director of the Centre of Latin American Studies, with research on contemporary urban cinema from Latin America.

A panoramic view across Latin America today, from life at the Mexican border, through the Peruvian jungle, and all the way to the streets of Santiago. Join us for a day of revealing documentaries and illuminating discussion.