Special Preview + Masterclass with Sean McAllister
Dir: Sean McAllister
United Kingdom / Ireland / 2012 / 70mins


Date: Thu 5 April, 2012
Time: 18:00
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As the revolution in Yemen unfolds, struggling tour guide Kais turns from government supporter to passionate protester.

An intimate portrait of Yemen as the revolution unfolds, told through the eyes of tour guide leader Kais, an intelligent commentator on the changing times in Yemen, offering poignant moments of reflection, loss, anger and hope on the unknown road to revolution. Filmed over the course of the past year with exceptional access to a country where no other camera crews or journalists were allowed to remain, we see Kais's journey from pro-President to reluctant revolutionary, joining angry protesters in the increasingly bloody streets of Sana'a.

Followed by a Masterclass with Sean McAllister.
DocHouse talks to award-winning director Sean McAllister about how he risked his life to tell his story of the Arab Spring.

A keen observer of personal struggles in conflicted cultures, with films such as the Sundance Jury Prize-winning 'Liberace of Baghdad' and 'The Minders' ("a brilliant, original film", The Guardian), McAllister "always takes a loser and makes them a winner"  - D. A. Pennebaker

This Masterclass will include EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CLIPS from his latest film shot in Syria following protester Amer fighting the regime that imprisoned his wife for criticising Assad and charts their struggle going in to hiding as Sean himself is imprisoned for his filming.

"A breathless pace, a sense of black humour and a great central of the most immediate and accessible descriptions of the Arab Spring yet to emerge" - The Hollywood Reporter

Opening Film Berlinale Panorama 2012