Dir: Nancy Kates
United States / 2014 / 98mins

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Date: Fri 5 Jun 2015 - Sun 7 Jun 2015
Price: £9 (£7 concessions)
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A formidable voice in American politics and culture, Susan Sontag was a novelist, filmmaker, social critic and the feminist iconoclast of her generation. Sontag’s genre breaking work defied the high-brow expectations of traditional academia, marking her out early in her career as a rebellious cultural voice. Forever ruffling feathers, she refused to concede to chauvinistic, outdated presumptions and fought back with a fierce commitment to the underdog. In this critically acclaimed documentary, director Nancy Kates chronicles the life of the rock star intellectual through the use of Sontag’s own words and a wealth of archive. The film also features interviews with some of her most ardent supporters and detractors including Norman Mailer, Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sarandon. Regarding Susan Sontag is a fascinating and rounded portrait of a strikingly charismatic force in American literature.