RED FOREST HOTEL + Panel Discussion

UK Premiere
Dir: Mika Koskinen
Finland / 2011 / 87mins


Date: Thu 12 April, 2012
Time: 18:00
There are currently no screenings of this film.

When a Finnish film-maker sets out to explore China's giant green tree-planting programme he enters a nightmare where the reality is very murky.

China's much-trumpeted green policy of massive tree-planting drew Finnish film-maker Mika Koskinen to find out more, but when he arrived the contacts he had made had been arrested. With eucalyptus plantations twice the size of New York State planned by a Finnish-Swedish corporation to feed a giant paper mill in Guangxi province, local people were complaining of dried-out wells and reports of violent incidents had surfaced. Koskinen's determined search for the truth is blocked by grinning officials, the arrest of and threats against local people willing to talk and his own surveillance. Trapped in his hotel in a cat-and-mouse game, Koskinen discovers Chinese state control, corporate desire and green ethics do not make good bedfellows.

Following the screening, DocHouse is delighted to be joined by green politics expert Larry Lohman and Senior China Advisor of Global Witness Lizzie Parsons in a panel discussion on the human impact of governments going 'green'.

"The story unfolds like a suspense film." - Taneli Topelius, Ilta Sanomat