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THE PIRATE TAPES + Panel Discussion

UK Premiere + Panel Discussion on Somali Piracy
Dir: Rock Baijnauth & Andrew Moniz & Roger Singh & Matvei Zhivov
United States / 2011 / 72mins

Exposing piracy in Somalia from inside out, this UK Premiere of The Pirate Tapes follows Mohamed, a young Somali-Canadian as he puts himself and his camera on the line to join a pirate clan. The film peels back layers of corruption and poverty to understand the lawless situation in Somalia, as politicians fiddle foreign aid and corporations cut secret deals with warlords to dump nuclear waste.

Discussion on Somali Piracy

Dahir Kadiye a former minicab driver from London, who captured the public's imagination when he masterminded the release of the Chandlers.
Mohamed Elmi Chairman of Somali Diaspora UK, a unique organisation that represents and encourages the integration of the Somali community in Britain.
Roger Middleton, consultant researcher working for the Africa Programme at independent think tank Chatham House. Roger specializes in the politics of the Horn of Africa, and has authored papers on Piracy in Somalia


Date: Thu 13 October, 2011
Time: 18:00
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"Touches deep emotions and frightens as it informs. A moving and captivating film from beginning to end." -Toronto Film Scene