A picture of a dusk scene in Africa. The photo is of a field, with an African woman in a white full-length dress in the middle of the photo. She has her back to the camera, and carries a basket on her head.

OWM Presents: Stories From Across Africa + Q&A

Presented in partnership with One World Media
Dir: Various

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Date: Tue 22 Sep 2020 - Thu 24 Sep 2020
Price: FREE
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In partnership with One World Media, we are hosting an online screening of select documentary shorts directed by talented emerging filmmakers.

From a group of women in North-Eastern Senegal using renewable energy to fight desertification, to a female shepherd in Morocco connecting with her land, these shorts explore a fascinating range of experiences of women across Africa - reversing traditional roles, fighting stigma, reflecting on agency, and the complexities of migration.

Please note: The programme of shorts will be available to view from 5pm on Tuesday 22 September until Thursday 24 September.

This will be followed by a Live Q&A with the filmmakers at 5pm on Thursday 24 September, so make sure to watch the films in advance and join the live discussion! 


About the Shorts

The Energy to Stay | Dir. Carlotta Dotto | UK | 2020 | 10 mins

A group of women in North-Eastern Senegal is using new technologies and renewable energy to fight desertification and food poverty – at the same time reversing the traditional female roles in the area.

Utapata Mwingine (You Will Get Another One) | Dir. Lydia Matata | Kenya | 2020 | 18 mins

A Kenyan woman is determined to help other parents struggling with pregnancy and infant child loss, while fighting the stigma that parents who’ve lost a child should simply move on and get another one.

Radia | Dir. Erica Beebe | UK | 2019 | 14 mins

A Moroccan shepherd named Radia reflects on her destiny, and connects with the land that both gives and takes from her.

Wax + Gold | Dir. Hazel Falck | UK | 2020 | 15 mins

Six women share their expectations and reflections on the decision to migrate from Ethiopia to work in the Middle East.

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About the One World Media Fellowship

The One World Media Fellowship supports new talent from around the world to produce engaging and creative media in developing countries. Find out more about the OWM Fellowship here.


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