Dir: Patricio Guzman
Chile / France / Germany / 2011 / 90mins

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Date: Sat 24 October, 2015
Time: 16:00
Price: £9 (£7 concessions)
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"An extraordinary film about the unknown and the unknowable." - Sight & Sound

★★★★★ “It isn't simply that Patricio Guzmán's Chilean documentary Nostalgia for the Light is moving: it has a tragic grandeur that really is very remarkable. It is deeply intelligent, intensely and painfully political, and yet attempts, and succeeds, somehow to transcend politics and perhaps even history itself.” - The Guardian

Chile’s Atacama Desert is reputed to be the most arid region on earth. It is here where scientists from all over the world gather in an attempt to unlock the secrets beneath the translucent skies.

Whilst astronomers examine the most distant galaxies above our heads in search for answers concerning the origins of life, we are confronted on the ground by a more recent past as relatives search for the remains of those who disappeared during the Pinochet regime.

In this otherworldly place, earthly and celestial realms meld as master filmmaker Patricio Guzmán contemplates the paradox of their quests. Astronomy and archaeology, he believes, are variations of the same voyage, one directed toward the sky and the other far deeper beneath our feet.

Part of the Bloomsbury Festival, 2015

"Nostalgia For The Light may just be the most profound movie I have ever seen" - Toronto Star

WINNER: Best Feature 2011: IDA Awards

WINNER: Best Documentary 2011: European Film Academy