Murder in Paris: UK Premiere

Dir: Enver Samuel
South Africa / 2021 / 86mins

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Murder in Paris chronicles activist and investigative journalist Evelyn Groenink’s 30-year-long quest to get to the bottom of the murder of Dulcie September, the Chief Representative of the African Nation Congress in France.

Playing like a political crime thriller, this forensic documentary traces the motives for September’s assassination in Paris in March 1988, which seem to have more to do with the Apartheid regime’s close ties to the French weapons industry than with neutralising an ANC cadre.

Murder in Paris is also a portrait of a remarkable and formidable woman. Although she has been given her dues by the ANC, as far as public perceptions go, Dulcie September is largely an unsung hero. This vital film goes some way to changing that.

Following the UK premiere screening of Murder in Paris on Wednesday 29th September, 18:15, director Enver Samuel will be in conversation with South African writer Andrew Feinstein, live via Zoom. 


You can find out more about the Justice For Dulcie campaign and sign the petition here.