Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe
2022 / 109mins

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Lynch/Oz starts with a premise, that the imagery and themes of The Wizard of Oz haunt David Lynch’s art and filmography, and possibly even the artist himself. Arguably, no filmmaker has so consistently drawn inspiration – consciously or unconsciously – from a single work.

Ever-fascinating cinephilic explorer Alexandre O. Philippe (78/52) returns with this deep dive into the land of Oz as it reverberates through the films of David Lynch. Philippe has gathered six luminary filmmakers and writers - including John Waters, David Lowery and Karen Kusama - to help navigate the yellow brick road that runs through the fertile ground of Lynch's films, from Eraserhead to Inland Empire, via Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Mullholland Drive. The resulting video essays mine a rich seam of references and allusion, bringing an ever-greater appreciation for both Lynch and Oz.