Dir: Dennis O'Rourke
Austria / 2004 / 73mins


Date: Wed 30 November, 2005
Time: 19:00
Price: -
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Dennis O'Rourke has received numerous awards for his filmmaking including the Director's Prize for Extraordinary Achievement at the Sundance Film Festival. His films include the award-winning Cunnamulla and The Good Woman of Bangkok.

Land Mines - A Love Story is a compelling anti-war film set in Afghanistan, a country that has become synonymous with conflict. It is also a story of romance and a celebration of life, hope and love. The film tells the story of Habiba and Shah. Shah, a former Mujaheddin soldier and land mine victim, works as a cobbler on the pavements of the ruined city of Kabul. One day, he noticed a pretty Tajik girl who had only one leg, and he began to court her. Amidst the chaos and violence, and despite all the obstacles of tradition and religion, Shah and Habiba were able to marry.

Dennis O'Rourke's latest film is part observational and part essay – driven by a polemic that is both angry and subtle. Land Mines - A Love Story is a damning portrayal of the human costs of war.