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THE INTERRUPTERS + Panel Discussion

Dir: Steve James
United States / 2011 / 125mins

A breath-taking account of efforts to end the epidemic of violence in Chicago's impoverished black communities. Acclaimed director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) follows the 'violence interrupters' who have curbed their own troubled pasts to try and protect their neighbourhood. We follow the impassioned representatives from the CeaseFire Project as they battle against the relentless bloodshed of modern gang culture to provide an option of real hope.

Followed by a lively panel and reception drinks.

An exclusive panel to address issues of gang culture in the UK following the screening ofThe Interrupters, including:

Pam Hothi: co-founder of Chaos Theory, a charity inspired by Chicago's CeaseFire Interruption model, bringing it to the UK.

Toni McLaughlin-Keen: once a gang member now helping underprivileged young people in her role with The Prince's Trust.

Andrew Anthony: author and feature writer for The Observer; who travelled to Chicago to see the CeaseFire campaigners in action.

Simon Harding: Expert on gang culture, who has just completed a doctorate focussing on Brixton gangs. He previously managed the country's largest Guns and Gangs project in Lambeth.


Date: Thu 8 September, 2011
Time: 18:00
Price: -
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"If The Wire's urban tapestries were real, they might look like this" -Total Film

"More heroic...and more charismatic, than any make believe heoroes" - The Independent on Sunday

Winner: Special Jury: Sheffield DocFest 2011