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Dir: Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky
Canada / 2012 / 103mins

A view into the lesser known world of indie video game designers, who sacrifice money, health and sanity to realise their creative visions. Following the making of SUPER MEAT BOY, FEZ and BRAID, this Sundance award-winner captures the emotional journey of these meticulously obsessive artists.

The film delivers, taking us on a journey with regular people pushed to do something different, but equally extraordinary. There is a vibrant, beating heart that powers Indie Game: The Movie and will hopefully serve to inspire the many of us who confine ourselves to small places and lock humanity out while struggling and striving to create something beautiful.


With prints available to view and buy on the night, 8-bitscapes is a concept created by artist & illustrator Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson. Giving a 'giant nod' towards the world of 8-bit gaming these two artists are producing an on-going series of limited edition prints, including the brilliant PacManhattan!

A limited number of prints will be available to buy from the artists on the night, orders for larger prints can also be placed. There will be a special 10% discount on the regular price for all prints bought and ordered at this one off exhibition.


Date: Thu 29 November, 2012
Time: 19:30
Price: £7 / £5 conc.
There are currently no screenings of this film.

"Possibly the most mature look at video games yet" - IndieWire

Winner for Best Editing in World Documentary Cinema: Sundance Film Festival 2012