How to Make Archive Docs: London's Screen Archives

Presented in partnership with Film London's "London's Screen Archives" and Raindance


Date: Fri 29 May, 2020
Time: 13:00
Price: FREE
There are currently no screenings of this film.

We know it's not easy to go out and make a film safely at the moment, so as part of our 'New Reveries: The Power of Archive Now' competition, we're inviting people from all round the world to spark a golden age of archive documentaries from home.

If you don't have previous experience of working with archives, we've put together this series filled with advice from key UK archiving experts to help you learn where to start.

In this edition, we're teaming up with Film London's "London's Screen Archive;" and inviting archivist David Whorlow to shine a light on the incredible material that some of the smaller archive organisations round the UK can offer too.

This interactive Q&A will start on Instagram, with Raindance Film Festival interviewing David about his most important tips on sourcing, licensing and working creatively with archive film. Then you'll be invited to put your own questions to David, or ask him for advice on your own creative project.

If the discussion leaves you feeling inspired, you'll then have until Thursday 25th of June to create and submit your own 6-minute project to our competition!

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