Dir: Erik Gandini & Tarik Saleh
Sweden / Denmark / 2005 / 76mins

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Date: Mon 22 November, 2010
Time: 19:00
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A free flight, a stay in a hotel for only $12, the sun is shining and you have a most charming tour guide. Sometimes, life is a bed of roses for a documentary filmmaker. Especially if you want to make a documentary about Guantanamo Bay, the American army base on Cuba where 637 suspects of terrorism have been detained. Directors Tarik Saleh and Erik Gandini were pampered when visiting the camp, but prisoners were nowhere in sight. Back in Sweden, their investigation continues.

What exactly is going on in 'Gitmo'? A former prisoner, the Swedish citizen Mehdi Ghezali, still does not want to talk about his time in Gitmo. As their quest for the truth continues the filmmakers path takes them via Abu Ghraib prison – yet another emotionally charged name – to the world of war outsourcing, Romanian mercenaries and to the story of an American general and former commander at Guantanamo who was dismissed for being 'too nice.