The Exhibitionists: THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM

Dir: Oeke Hoogendijk
Netherlands / 2014 / 90mins

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Date: Sun 17 May 2015 - Wed 20 May 2015
Price: £9 (£7 concessions)
There are currently no screenings of this film.

In 2003, Amsterdam’s world famous Rijksmuseum closed to the public for a major re-design. The plan was to reopen in 2008, but what was supposed to take five years took ten, with a budget that kept on growing. In order to make this remarkable documentary, director Hoogenjijk was granted unfettered access for the entire ten year period.

Following a process that spiralled out of control, Hoogenjijk, carefully balances a variety of characters, from curators arguing over new designs to a caretaker who guards the building as if it were his own child. Beautiful imagery frames this iconic building in the heart of Amsterdam, as it is stripped back to a hollow shell, before finally retrieving its former grandeur and unique collection. 

"An exemplary study, beautifully shot." - New York Times