Episode 3 - 'ENJOY POVERTY'

UK Premiere
Dir: Renzo Martens
Netherlands / 2008 / 90mins

No longer on sale

Date: Sun 29 March, 2009
Time: 19:00
There are currently no screenings of this film.

This controversial film caused an uproar at IDFA last year and is on the hotlist for many Festivals in 2009. An investigation into the emotional and economic value of Africa's most lucrative export: media coverage of poverty.

Deep in the interiors of the Congo, Dutch artist Renzo Martens undertakes an epic journey to launch an installation exposing the poor and hungry to the idea that their primary capital resource is: Poverty.

Mixing investigative journalism, satire and self-criticism. Enjoy Poverty is a highly personal take on the hypocrisy of the 'charity business'. A disturbing work that pushes the boundaries in an attempt to confront western audiences with the reality of their collusion in the media's exploitation of poverty in Africa. It is blatantly provocative and confrontational, but the mirror it holds up is disturbing even if you question the method.