Dir: Anna Bucchetti
Netherlands / 2005 / 75mins

Most people who've dreamt of a limping cockroach would laugh it off and forget about it. Not the Neapolitans - there could be money in it. Maria and Angela run a local lottery office inherited from their parents. They are well known for their ability to attach numbers to anything, with the help of a revered book called The Grimace. Local murders, police raids, bizarre events, all have their number potential as Naples' citizens try to win their way out of poverty.

Via the life stories of these fortune seekers, director Anna Bucchetti weaves a charming portrait of modern day Naples through a nostalgic black and white lens. An oft-bereaved grandmother tells about her life fencing stolen goods to feed her nine children, while an exuberant transvestite, who turns his home into a bingo hall every day, recounts his recent wedding ceremony, designed to shock the locals.

Screening will also feature: Motodrome

Dir. Jörg Wagner 
Germany - 2006 - 9mins

Motorbike riders perform dangerous stunts while riding at breakneck speed in a wooden barrel for an appreciative crowd. This thrilling homage stylishly captures the atmosphere of this dying fairground attraction.

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Date: Wed 7 March, 2007
Time: 19:00
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"Her subjects are richly human and imaginative, even when achingly poor, and their tragedies are naturally interwoven with their betting strategies." - Variety