Dir: Tristan Patterson
United States / 2011 / 73mins

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Date: Thu 22 March, 2012
Time: 19:00
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A coming-of-age story for the post-crash generation and a punk-rock manifesto of youth, love and sun-drenched Californian suburbs. Dragonslayer follows 23-year-old local skate hero and new father Josh 'Skreech' Sandoval through a golden haze of lost youth, broken homes and abandoned swimming pools, learning to live after the decline of western society.

Playing with the short documentary: Skateistan: to Live and Skate in Kabul.

"The measured vérité style of Frederick Wiseman meets the visual polish of Terrence Malick" - IndieWire

"A submersion in an endless summer subculture" - Village Voice

"More than a slice of life - Dragonslayer is a chunk of skin" - Interview Magazine