DocHouse Shorts: #1

Dir: Various

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Date: Fri 4 Sep 2020 - Sun 6 Sep 2020
Price: FREE
There are currently no screenings of this film.

Join us for a globetrotting, time-travelling selection of short docs, cherry-picked by DocHouse for the first in our new strand dedicated to small but perfectly-formed nonfiction.

Sneakers swing in the breeze on a telephone line; a swimmer's head dips into the cool water of an art deco pool. Traversing the world, this selection of shorts takes in the flashpoint border fence between Africa and Europe, and discovers the unexpected commercial centre of 'Fake News' big business in Macedonia. From contemplating the nature of memory to celebrating the freedom of self expression, this collection is a fascinating journey through the art of short documentary.


This programme will be available to view from 7pm on Friday 4th September until midnight on Sunday 6th September. Sign up HERE and we'll send you a viewing link and password that afternoon.

You'll also be able to watch Q&As with the featured filmmakers from Friday 4th, just click through to DocHouse's YouTube page to catch up in your own time. 


THREE RED SWEATERS Dir. Martha Gregory / UK / 2018 / 10 mins 
A short, nostalgic documentary about how our memories are changing now that we can document every moment of our lives, Three Red Sweaters is captured entirely from the director's grandfather's archive of glorious 16mm footage. 


A FILM ON FILM Dir. David McNulty / UK / 2017 / 6 mins 
Shot on super 8mm in black and white, this portrait of artist and photographer Selina Mayer asks if there is a link between the sexualisation of the naked form as a default mode in contemporary society and the ease in which we acquire images in the digital age.


THE MYSTERY OF FLYING KICKS Dir. Matthew Bate / Aus / 2009 / 14 mins
Murder, sex, drugs, art, politics… sneakers hanging on telephone lines have become a powerful urban symbol, inspiring genesis theories both hilarious and sinister. Using an on-line call out and a phone message bank, this documentary was made entirely from donated photographs, phoned-in theories, video, vlogs, and animation from people around the world.


THE SWIMMING CLUB: Co-Dir. Cecilia Golding & Co-Dir. Nick Finegan / UK / 2018 / 9 mins 
 If you happen to be transgender and you want to go swimming, which changing room do you go into? This group of trans activists who have taken matters into their own hands and set up a safe space swimming club. This a film about the healing effects of community and the relief that comes after taking the bravest plunge of all - to just be yourself. It is also an ode to universal joys of swimming.

FAKE NEWS FAIRYTALE Dir. Kate Stonehill / UK / 2010 / 14 mins 
Since the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election, teenagers in Veles, Macedonia have been posting fake news stories that generate thousands of hits on social media. These young entrepreneurs have made money off of advertising revenue generated from their fake stories going viral, introducing a ‘digital gold rush’ to Veles.


DIARY OF HUNGER Dir. Mireia Pujol / Spain / 2014 / 15 mins 
The Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco is one of the most popular places from which migrants leave Africa to make the perilous crossing to Europe. Diary of Hunger observes their everyday reality in calm black-and-white images: a shot of a mangled back, a leg covered in huge bandages, an exhausted face, a man calling his mother, in tears, to say that the great suffering is finally over.

Please note: These short films are not rated, and are advised 18.