Death Is Certain But Not Final

A performance lecture on the role of absence in radical documentary cinema


We will be joined by Palestinian-British filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky for an engaging, non-academic performance lecture

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Price: Peak: £9 (£7 concessions)


Watch Saeed Farouky's A Thousand Fires, followed by a performance lecture in which he explores the role of absence in documentary cinema

Available from Sun 6 Nov 14:15 until Sun 6 Nov 17:30

Price: 15 (£10 concession)

Filmmaker and educator Saeed Taji Farouky will take participants through a non-academic, irreverent, multi-media exploration of "absence" as an essential creative and political component of radical / experimental documentary filmmaking.

Journeying through music, literature, dance, film, and architecture, Saeed will examine how certainty and presence - requirements of capitalist, industrial filmmaking - can be challenged and contradicted to devise new ways of storytelling. (This event will include Pavlova).

This performance lecture by Saeed Taji Farouky coincides with screenings of his latest film, A Thousand Fires.

Find out more about the film A Thousand Fires here.

You are welcome to just come along to the performance lecture only OR you can watch both the film and the lecture on Sunday 6th November from 14:15