Part of the Between The Lines Festival
Dir: Mads Brügger
Denmark / 2011 / 93mins

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Date: Mon 2 March, 2015
Time: 21:30
Price: £7
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A strange, enigmatic and decadent white diplomat arrives in central Africa. Officially he is there to start a factory that produces matches – this, to employ locals and teach how to make this simple piece of fire-making equipment. Unofficially he is really there to gain access to vast reserves of diamonds.

Director Mads Brügger puts himself into the position of a criminal in order to expose criminal activity, but we're left to wonder how much he's staged resulting in a genre-breaking, tragic comedy about the bizarre world of African diplomacy.

Between The Lines is a three-day festival exploring the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape.