Best of DocHouse: SHAPE OF THE MOON + Director Q&A

Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich
Netherlands / 2004 / 92mins


Date: Thu 19 February, 2015
Time: 15:00
Price: £5
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An intimate portrait of modern-day Indonesia told from the perspective of three generations of a Christian family living among the largest Muslim community in the world. Rumidjah is a 62 year-old widow living with her son, Bakti and her granddaughter, Tari. Family ties are tested when Bakti decides to convert to Islam for his new bride. Filmed using a unique 'single shot camera' method, this vérité style allows the camera to silently weaves in and out of tunnels and water wells, lingering delicately as characters sleep, eat, and live. Finding its pace in the daily lives of the Sjamsuddin family, Shape of the Moon is a visually stunning film which resonates deeply of faith and gratitude.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Leonard Retel Helmrich.

Leonard Retel Helmrich is a Dutch cinematographer and film director of Indo descent. He has received highest honours for international documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival and International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), and was the first filmmaker ever to win the top prize at both festivals twice.

Helmrich is famous for perfecting the 'Single Camera Shot' filming style and his related technical camera innovations." can move inside an event and go with your camera to the right spot, at the right moment,... That's what the whole single-shot cinema is about: trying to think of the world as a kind of clockwork, a machinery, with everything interrelated. The bigger and smaller things are just as important. In clockworks you can't pull out a little gear because the whole thing jams. The solution is to become one of the clockworks." Leonard Retel Helmrich

Presented in partnership with Open City Docs

Winner: World Cinema Documentary Competition - Sundance 2005

Winner: Joris Ivens Award for Best Documentary - IDFA 2004