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3 World Stories: SUMMER PASTURE

Dir: Lynn True & Nelson Walker & Tsering Perlo
Tibet / United States / 2010 / 85mins

“…beautiful and important. For me, the best documentary of 2010.” - Albert Maysles, Filmmaker

“… has an earthy intimacy and compassion for its subjects that will have you thinking about their plight long after they've packed up and moved on.” - Robert Abele, The Los Angeles Times

Summer Pasture is a very modern love story set in an ancient culture. The film deftly captures a young couple’s domestic life with humour and empathy; while also showing how the lure of modern life is alive even in this most remote part of Tibet.

High up in the grasslands of eastern Tibet live Locho and his wife Yama with their infant daughter. Descendents from a long line of nomads they survive in the mountains by herding yak, much as their ancestors have for generations. But their unique existence is changing, in recent years nomadic life has become increasingly difficult with many choosing to settle in town. Soon, Locho and Yama will have to decide whether to raise their daughter in the pasture or send her to school - a decision that will have deep implications for their future.

The World Stories season is supported by the Royal Anthropological Institute

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