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Dir: Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff

Los Reyes ("The Kings") is the oldest skatepark in the Chilean capital of Santiago. This story is about the real kings here: Football and Chola, two stray dogs that have made their home in this open space full of hurtling skateboards and rowdy teenagers. 


Dir: Yang Zhang

Shen Jianhua is an artist and teacher who has left Shanghai for a remote mountain settlement in rural China. Unfolding like a painting, Up The Mountain is a masterful insight into the social fabric of this village, where the inhabitants are preserving a rich culture.  


Dir: Frédéric Tcheng

The rise and fall of one of America’s most iconic fashion designers who dominated the scene in the 1970s. A self-made prodigy, Halston was a rebel and shocked the New York fashion scene with his revolutionary approach.

“Cinema lies, sport doesn’t” claimed Jean-Luc Godard. John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection is an unusual exploration of the relationship between film and tennis, in which we observe McEnroe lash out at the refs and more frequently, confronting the cameras watching him.

Gil de Kermadec was a filmmaker who began making instructional tennis videos in the 1960s, and was obsessed with slow motion; he believed that slow motion may be the key to unlocking the secrets of the sport.


Dir: Tim Travers Hawkins

Private Manning was sentenced to life imprisonment after uploading thousands of documents to WikiLeaks exposing American brutality in Iraq. After an unexpected clemency, Chelsea Manning adjusts to her newfound freedom.


Dir: Nicolas Philibert

In this tender insight into the bumpy road of nurse-training, Director of the brilliant Etre et Avoir Nicholas Philibert explores how young students learn to cope with people in their most vulnerable moments Each and Every Moment (De chaque instant).


Dir: Karl Emil Rikardsen

9-year-old Torarin is over the moon when his parents get a couple of camels to join them in Hammerfest, the North most city in the world. But things get complicated when they try to incorporate Mongolian training methods into their way of life.