Throughout the 1970s, journalist Elías Barahona infiltrated the heart of Guatemala's most repressive government. Dubbing himself 'the mole', he lived life undercover, courageously passing information to the resistance.

How do we tell stories of the aftermath of runaway, catastrophic change? How do we narrate survival among the ruins left behind by capitalism? Anna Tsing, ground-breaking, acclaimed anthropologist (Mushroom at the End of the World; the Feral Atlas project) in conversation with award-winning filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer.

The Rosselinis

Dir: Alessandro Rossellini

Filmmaker Alessandro Rossellini has had a complicated family legacy to contend with for all of his life: his grandfather is the legendary director Roberto Rossellini; his step-grandmother is Ingrid Bergman; his aunt is the model and actress Isabella Rossellini.


Dir: Frank Hurley

A century after it was first made, the extraordinary, original film of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica returns to the big screen in spectacular style.


Dir: Camilla Nielsson

Nelson Chamisa is challenging the old guard, ZANU-PF, in the country’s first post-Mugabe elections. President is a riveting observational feat filmed over 4 years from inside Chamisa’s campaign.


Dir: Jamila Wignot

An intimate portrait of the trailblazing choreographer Alvin Ailey, whose dance explored the Black American experience with grace, strength and unparalleled beauty.

Best Of 2021: The Alpinist

Dir: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen

Free-spirited 23-yr-old alpine climber Marc-André Leclerc has made some of the boldest solo ascents in history. But with no rope and no margin for error, there's a fine line between genius and madness, as this thrilling film shows.