Dir: Jessica Kingdon

An impressionistic exploration of the pursuit of wealth and the industrial supply chain in China, Ascension examines what living the so-called 'Chinese Dream' looks like today through a mesmerising series of cinematic vignettes.



André and Albert are two young Aka pygmies from Mongoumba, near the border with Congo and DRC. In spite of their financial difficulties and the stigma they face at school, André and Albert fight to study and bring themselves up to the level of other students. 


Dir: Aïcha Macky

Filmmaker Aicha Macky returns to her hometown, Zinder, the second largest city in Niger, for an unflinching portrait of a young generation desperate for hope in their future.

For two decades, the victims of the Six-Day War in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been fighting for the recognition and compensation. Acclaimed director Dieudo Hamadi follows a group of injured survivors on an epic journey down the Congo River to Kinshasa, to voice their claims and seek justice at last.

At the southern edge of the Sahara desert stands The House of Migrants: a safe haven for traveller on their way to Europe, or those returning home. Here, Malian director Ousmane Samassékou meets wayfarers in exile, in transit, or transition, in a captivating meditation on movement, migration and desire to find home.

Young Plato + Dir. Q&A


An endearing, observational portrait of a Belfast primary school and its mould-breaking, philosophy-teaching headmaster, Young Plato follows a visionary educator and his dedicated team as they encourage students to reach beyond their boundaries.

Rebel Dread

Dir: William E. Badgley

Trace the life and times of legendary filmmaker, DJ, musician and commentator, Don Letts. Rebel Dread is led by Don's archives and stories of 70s and 80s London, as he moved between London's punk and reggae scenes, earning his reputation as the 'Rebel Dread'.

F@ck This Job

Dir: Vera Krichevskaya

F@ck This Job follows independent Russian news channel 'Dozhd TV' and its fearless founder Natasha Sindeeva as they struggle to resist mounting pressure from the Kremlin, a lone island for political and sexual freedom amidst state-run media.

An inside look at the life of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, whose iconic films made him the 20th century’s most unique and renowned environmental voice — and the man who inspired generations to protect the Earth.

The Real Charlie Chaplin

Dir: Peter Middleton & James Spinney

A contemporary take on a bona fide icon of cinema, The Real Charlie Chaplin traces the star’s meteoric rise from the slums of Victorian London to the heights of Hollywood superstardom – and fall from grace following The Great Dictator.

Probably the most energising music film you'll see this year, Keyboard Fantasies finds time-travelling, transgender musical genius Glenn Copeland on tour in his seventies, his visionary blend of folk-electronica finally finding its audience two generations down the line.

The Rescue

Dir: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin

When 12 Thai school boys got trapped in a flooded cave in 2018, the world watched on with baited breath. Now, E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin (Free Solo) use never-before-seen footage and first person testimony to recount the dramatic, edge-of-your-seat rescue.

Artist, filmmaker and human rights advocate Ai Weiwei takes us to Guerrero, Mexico, where the families of 43 students who were forcibly disappeared in 2014 continue to live in limbo.