The Cave

Dir: Feras Fayyad

The story of a doctor who worked on the outskirts of Damascus, whilst 400,000 people are trapped in a relentless bombardment which has been going on for years.

With the skyscrapers of the City glinting nearby, the traditional working-class inhabitants of East London's Hoxton Street navigate the rough seas of gentrification and austerity, in a revealing portrait of London today.

In this masterfully constructed festival hit, we hear from a broad array of thinkers and scientists about how we are on the brink of a revolution that allows us to tinker with the building blocks of civilization. But is that a power we really want to have?

Meet the movers and shakers behind India’s space programme as their dream of launching a research laboratory into space looks set to become a reality. But with a budget a tenth of NASA’s, and struggling to overcome a range of challenging issues - including monsoon season - can they succeed?


Dir: Werner Herzog & André Singer

Legendary director Werner Herzog meets the former President of the Soviet Union for a series of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the man who ended the Cold War.

Here for Life

Dir: Andrea Luka Zimmerman & Adrian Jackson

Ten Londoners bring the stories of their lives to this arrestingly original collaboration between artist-filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre-maker Adrian Jackson.

Profiling three of the city's legendary doormen, Berlin Bouncer delves into the irresistible, pounding heart of the city's club scene through its period of greatest transformation, from the fall of the Berlin Wall til today.

It’s 2017, an abnormally hot summer in New York and there is a sense of uncertainty and instability in the air. Brett Story’s The Hottest August is an absorbing social study about hopes, dreams and our current climate